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Experimental and theoretical study of non-linear propagation of intense femtosecond laser pulses


The subject of the thesis work concerns the study of non-linear propagation of ultra-short (50 fs) very intense (l0 power 12 W/cm2) optical pulses through transparent non-linear media such as air, glass and other materials. In a first step, the phase profile of the optical pulse will be determined experimentally at various locations using a newly developed method ( 1 ) . The experimental results will be confronted to numerical simulations using the 3-d non-linear Schroedinger equation, to be developed.
After the numerical code is fully validated, I will explore new situations where quasi-stable 'light-bullets' are predicted (self-guiding effects). Experiments testing the numerical analysis will be performed with a Terrawatt Ti:Sapphire scillator-amplifier system available at the L.O.A.

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