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How ireland and finland can serve and support the development and learning of young children between ages 4 and 7


Summary: The objectives of the project are based on the international IEA Preprimary Study (1986-1997). Many European countries like Belgium, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Finland have participated with some other countries (e.g. USA and Hong Kong) in this project. The Phase 1 (1986-1992) produced profiles of national policies on the care and education of young children. Phase 2 (1989-1995) is using observational and interview data to examine the interactive and structural characteristics of major educational settings and to explore the impact of programmatic and familial factors on children's development at the age 4. Phase 3 (1993-1997) uses a follow up-study to document how educational and learning experiences affect children's development and learning at the age 7. In this TMR project special emphasis is placed on sharing information and research results from Ireland and Finland. By regarding Finland and Ireland as representative of European countries, comparative at preschool settings (age 4) and the developmental status and learning of children at the age of four and seven. By using these results preliminary proposals are made for innovation education of young children from ages 4 to 7.

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