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Dynamics of nuclear systems under extreme conditions


This project is devoted to the study of the properties of nuclear matte out of equilibrium. Starting from semi-classical approaches of the Boltzmann type, new theoretical tools will be developed, which account also for the dynamics of large fluctuations. The main task is the improvement of the description of nonequilibrium phenomena, such as the prompt emission of sizable fragments and the transition from ordered motion to chaos. The LNS-INFN, which is now operating a Superconducting Cyclotron, has just started its experimental activity in the field. The present project should provide a valid theoretical support to the interpretation of the collected data.
We remark that the content of the project is strongly related to the very general problem of the evolution of a complex many- body system. In this sense there is a strong connection to other fields of physics (condensed matter, astrophysics), also for applied research.

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