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Tidal middle latitude experiment


Recent observations (showing that the tidal amplitudes are larger than predicted by models) and new modelisations (emphazing the important interaction with the other waves and the mean flow) give an increasing impulse in tidal studies. Preliminary studies demonstrate the possibility to extract middle atmospheric tidal characteristic from Rayleigh lidars provided the measurement time is longer than 7 hours. This is a proposal to develop the measurements of the tides in the middle atmosphere, using instruments that are used to perform routinely: the network of several radars and lidars on 4 european sites represents an unique opportunity to study the tidal phase relationship between temperature and wind, to extend the tidal observations at several latitudes, to quantify the interaction with the mean flow and the ozone concentration, and the influence on the climate. In addition, the tidal study from ground based instruments is important for specifically the satellites validation.
Tides, Atmospheric Temperature and Wind, European network, Lidar and Radar Satellite Validation

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