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Characterization of a novel resorbable bone cement for clinical applications


Research objectives and content
The main objective is to develop a new biocompatible amorphous calcium phosphate bone cement with fast bone transformation rate. It is known that amorphous materials dissolve faster under in vivo conditions and ingrowth of new bone may also take place faster.
Our experience in the development and characterization of x-Tricalcium Phosphate (x-TCP) based calcium phosphate bone cements, gained during my PhD Thesis, allows to foresee a good potential for these ideas. At present, the physicochemical mechanisms controlling the setting and hardening properties of these cements are well understood. Moreover, the stability and in vivo behaviour of these cements are correlated with these mechanisms. The resulting ideas suggest that it is possible to control the in vivo behaviour of this kind of cements by the modification of some control factors affecting the powder phase, the liquid phase or the mixture. These seems to be a good possibility to modify the rate of resorption of these cements as well as the rate of new bone formation by adding some additives to the original x-TCP powder. From a previous study we know that one of these additives produces amorphous calcium phosphate cements. It will be important to study the resorption rates of the new formulations in vitro and in vivo as well as the osteoclastic and osteoblastic answers of the bone tissue around the implant. Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
It should be pointed out that the possibility to use a wide range of very sophisticated techniques all of them available, in the same centre will be of enormous interest. The possibility to perform cell culture tests as a biological feed-back, for the physical and chemical development of the cement has a paramount relevance. It will be possible to optimize [ the product from all the important points of vue at the same time. The benefits will not only be personal, but the [ whole research group in Barcelona will profit of such training at my return. A great impact of the project is expected [ since the development of amorphous fast resorbable bone cements with a great capacity of stimulating bone apposition is a goal that may be of enormous interest in traumatology, odontology and orthopaedics.
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