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Decision-making in post-corporativistic democracies


Research objectives and content
The objectives of my research is an analysis of the possible new structures of public decision-making in the Nordic countries after the corporativistic era. The key-words on Western labour-markets have during the 90 s been flexibility, individuality and competitiveness at the cost of decreased collectivity. The key questions in my research is if we still have a common Nordic model of public decision-making concerning the labour-market policies? Accordingly, the research project is also an analysis of a possible "reinstitutionalisation" of established democracies.
In the research project, I am analysing the major decision-making processes concerning labour-market policies in the Nordic countries during the 90 s. My research is based on both multiple case-studies and the institutional context of the decision-making processes.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training content consists of the Scottish Doctoral Programme which consists of a one year taught element followed by two years of individual research. The programme is largely based on Nordic (and European) comparative research. My supervisor is David Arter, one of the leading experts on Nordic public policy and labour-market relations.

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