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A new approach to the evaluation of hard processes at high energy - realization of a new event generator for the standard model and beyond the standard model physics at the lhc


Research objectives and content
The goal of the project is to build up a general purpose event generator to study Standard Model and Beyond physics at the LHC and the NLC. The emphasis is on o automatic calculation of parton level amplitudes; o high degree of reliability of the calculation; o high computational speed o exact treatment of fermion masses; o high flexibility due to the potential capability of addressing any processes.
I plan to use the new method which I have recently discovered, in collaboration with F. Caravaglios, to compute scattering amplitudes. Exploiting the relationship among the effective action and the connected Green functions we have observed that the problem can be reduced to the solution of a finite set of minimum equations and this lead to an Algorithm which is very efficient for the numerical calculation and easy to implement. I aim to upgrade the ALPHA code, which we have developed following this idea, to include QCD interactions in addition to the already implemented electroweak ones.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I expect to deepen my knowledge of o elementary particle phenomenology, o quantum field theory, o Standard Model and Beyond physics and to acquire professional skills into the areas of o phenomenology of high energy strong interactions, o event generation at the adronic and leptonic colliders.

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