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Interfacial properties of colloidal mixtures near a hard wall


Research objectives and content
The behaviour of fluid (example: poly(ethylene
oxidetetrahydrofuran-ethyleneoxide) adsorbed on solids substrates (example: silica) is of interest in many fields. Industry utilizes adsorption in catalysis and separation processes and in the characterization of porous solids. Physicists are interested in the properties of matter on an atomic scale and in phase transitions that adsorbed phases undergo. In recent years, much effort has gone into studying colloidal structures mixtures and other similar systems.
The substrate's nature obviously influences, through the solid-fluid potential, the kinetics of adsorption / desorption, and the nature of transitions that adsorbed phases undergo. That is why studying adsorption on different solids (hydrophobic, hydrophilic) is indispensable, to evaluate this influence. This investigation was necessarily completed by formulation of a model which describes the adsorption / desorption rates in the different kinetic regimes observed, wetting experience in on to observe the evolution and measurement of the contact angle and the NMR relaxation and self diffusion measurements. The latter is appropriate investigation to study the solution's microstructure.
Ellipsometric measurements on adsorbed phases give estimation of thickness layer; because the evolution form of thickness layer versus temperature is an indication of forces type which govern solid-fluid interactions (long or short range). Complemented by neutron reflection measurements in order to get a more comprehensive description of the adsorbed layer.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This postdoctoral training will allow me apply my knowledge on interface thermodynamics to other research themes, acquire/develop new experimental methods. Colloids would be the appropriate system, in which the interface science is the adequate background. In Lund University I would be able to use very important techniques which I don't know yet, such as ellipsometry, NMR, cryo electron microscopy, which would complete my background and further my knowledge.
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