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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Development of advanced solid state joining techniques for tial for high temperature applications


Research objectives and content
The objective is to develop industrially relevant brazing based joining procedures for TiAI for high temperature applications A state-of-the-art literature survey creates the basis for theoretical calculations to estimate joining parameters. The experimental programme includes manufacturing both TiAI-TiAl and TiAI-steel joints, microanalysis and mechanical testing to rank the candidate base material-bonding parameter combinations, and long term testing to demonstrate the viability of the most promising procedures.
Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
GKSS have a long experience on developing, testing and diffusion bonding of titanium aluminides. The applicant has considerable amount of knowledge and experience on brazing and diffusion bonding of advanced materials. Combining this knowledge yields mutual benefit from both academic - especially the applicant's PhD thesis - and practical viewpoints. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The project connects to the Finnish national research programme 'Materials in energy industry (1997 - 2001) supporting the work performed at and by VTT. GKSS serves a variety of German companies interested in the application of titaniun aluminides; e.g. GKSS currently conducts a joint industrial research project with participation of MTU-M|nchen, Daimler Benz/Dornier-Friedrichshafen, SLV-M|nchen and Plansee-Austria on the diffusion bonding of TiAI for turbine applications Furthermore, one aim is a co-European project on joining of intermetallics for the Fifth Framework Programme with strong involvement from industry.

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