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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-14

The universe at high redshift and the physics of active galaxies from multi-wave length studies of compact radio sources - consortium for European research on extragalactic surveys


CERES tackles the most intellectually stimulating problems of our age and investigators are a unique resource for the study of the distant Universe. the young scientists will work near current limits of technology, thus providing an ideal environment to learn the necessary skills of advanced We propose a coordinated European programme to:
research. The partners organize many seminars and lectures for the 1. determine the Hubble constant Ho from gravitational-lens time-delays education and training of their staff. Each post-doc will be assigned an 2. constrain the cosmological density parameter Omega zero, the cosmological constant Lambda zero, and galaxy mass distributions, from lens statistics experienced adviser. Exchange visits and workshops will be organized. 3. make VLBI measurements of quasars to constrain the deceleration parameter qO
4. find the most distant quasars
5.identify damped Ly-alpha systems & to map the neutral hydrogen absorption in these probable spiral-galaxy precursors in the 21cm line
6. quantify how much our view of the Universe is censored by dust obscuration
7. study the physics of quasars
The priority activity during the first 2 years will be the compilation of optical identifications and redshifts. The radio work and that on the tasks above will proceed in parallel.

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