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HECTOR (Health Emergency management and Coordination through Telematics Operational Resources) is an ambitious project that, supported by the Telematics Application Programme of the European Union and by a well balanced consortium, faces the challenge of improving the Health Emergency Services by using state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of informatics and telecommunications. HECTOR makes available an integrated and interoperable solution, based mainly on existing technology and incorporating multimedia and telecommunications new capabilities with an optimum cost benefit trade off. HECTOR stated as its main singularity the multidisciplinary approach in the research method, finding solutions as a whole, covering the multiplicity of scenarios, diversity of functions and agents involved. HECTOR tackled the following challenges: reduction of intervention time; improvement in therapeutic intervention through start treatment in the emergency unit, exchange of clinical data, consultancy with remote medical specialists; improvement of cost effective service and rational use of resources; avoidance of non detected emergencies; reduction of false emergencies; improvement in continuity of care in emergency; improvement in technology integration through application of advanced mobile telecommunications, portable hardware/software and multimedia transmission. The integrated telematic system conceived satisfies the following aspects: ability to react promptly and efficiently to any emergency situation; enabling clinical data transmission flow bidirectionally; with a virtual telepresence of medical expertise at the point of care, allocation of the correct amount and type of resources; guarantee of continuity of care within a framework of service and quality; minimization of the intervention time and provision of training to professionals and information to citizens. Throughout the HECTOR project, the main emphasis was to assure the interoperability of the systems, with a complete definition of the interfaces of the different modules, in conformity with the actual existing standards in an intensive and significant verification stage, through the complete life cycle.

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