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4th International Conference on VIBRATION MEASUREMENTS by LASER TECHNIQUES: advances and applications & SHORT COURSE ON LASER VIBROMETRY


The international Conference on Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques, which is now its 4th edition - being the previous editions held in 1994, 1996 and 1998 - focuses on the importance of vibration measurements by laser techniques in the following research areas: New and Advanced measurement techniques (Doppler velocimetry, Holography, Interferometry, Speckle), Laser vibrometry technology, Signal processing, Modal analysis, Energy propagation in structures, and in the following application areas: Vehicles (Automotive, Aerospace, Trains, Naval Transportation), Microengineering (Microelectronics, Hard disk drives, Microsensors, Micromechanics), Sound and Noise (Vibroacoustics, Loudspeakers, Musical Instruments), Calibration (Accuracy, Linearity, parameters which are essential for the understanding of the properties of potential industrial products), Large-scale vibrations (Civil Structures).

Medicine (Hearing devices, Cardiovascular devices, Works of art). Production control (Structural fault detection, Quality assurance, Condition monitoring, Preventive maintenance, Damping techniques).

The main objectives of the Conference are the development and wide-spreading of optical measurement techniques in general and laser-based techniques in particular in the field of vibrations, due to the possibilities these techniques offer in terms of high resolution, sensibility etc., and in the fields of structural dynamic testing, biological and clinical diagnostics, fluid structure interaction, on-line monitoring of industrial plants, acoustics and fault detection, etc. The Conference offers the opportunity to present the most updated advances and applications, creating a stimulating and well balanced international forum for discussion for all attendees.

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