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Microbiology of Composting and other biodegradation processes


In Europe, composting is increasingly used as a recycling technology for organic wastes and considerable technological progress has been made in the past few years. However, despite the acknowledged importance of microbes in degradation processes, current new microbiological techniques have far too little been used for understanding biodegradation during composting. Knowledge on the composition and activities of compost microbial communities is largely based on traditional methods. The meeting will mainly focus on current research on microorganisms involved in the composting process, in possible improvements of process conditions, in the influence on end product qualities and on compost use in agriculture, forestry and horticuture.
The scope of the meeting is to advance knowledge and understanding of microbial communities involved in the turnover of organic matter during biological waste treatment. Emphasis will be placed on new methods that allow a better resolution in time and space. The meeting aims at bringing together the best researchers in the field from all over the world, as well as producers, engineers and end users. Europe is, in composting technologies, leading in the world, and this meeting shall help to maintain the position, and probably enhance European competitively in this field of waste treatment.

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