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Baltic Summer School 2000: Current trends in Immunology and Signal Transduction


Advanced training of young researchers is a most important factor for the future development of biomedical science. Based on regional links, collaboration and expertise in science and education the Medical Faculties of the Universities of Copenhagen, Kiel and Lund have established the Baltic Summer School (BSS) to combine their efforts in training of young researchers. BSS_2000 will concentrate on highly relevant topics of immunology and signal transduction.

It will focus on
(i) the molecular and cellular basis of the innate and adaptive immune system;
(ii) the interdisciplinary processes of signal transduction, including death receptors, intracellular signalling cascades, significance of lipid second messengers;
(iii) selected applied aspects as the immune response against transplanted tissue and tumours.
These fields have dramatically expanded because of the rapid scientific development and the need to cope with chronic progressive diseases, which are an economic burden to Society. BSS_2000 is thus timely from a scientific, technological and socio-economic point of view. The project is important for understanding basic mechanisms, but at the same time highly relevant for the development of new therapeutic strategies in clinical conditions as transplantation, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and chronic infection. Thus, it addresses a wide scientific community, from researchers in basic sciences to physicians working in clinical research.
BSS_2000 will be open for 65 young researchers from all over Europe. State-of -the-art lectures by international experts in the respective fields will illuminate the theoretical background and practical applications. Plenary and round table discussions, seminars, and demonstrations by scientifically profiled biomedical companies will supplement the training project. The proposal covers areas of research with high originality and potential practical importance and thus, promotes scientific excellence.

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