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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-21

Particle-Solid Interactions


This meeting is the fourth one in a highly successful series of conferences (Donostia Encounters on Particle-Solid Interactions), arranged biannually, which seek to bring together two traditionally separate communities of researchers, those active in atomic/ionic collisions and those active in solid state and surface sciences. The meeting will contain experimental, theoretical and computational aspects of particle-solid interactions.
A major objective in this meeting is to focus on the processing, manipulation, characterisation and modelling of solids and surfaces using controlled deposition of energetic atoms, ions and clusters. This is a rapidly advancing area in materials science, as it is closely coupled to atomic-scale engineering and growth of functional structures and components. Atomic manipulation by STM techniques, overlayer growth by ion deposition, selective sputtering and beam-induced chemical reactions are examples of techniques actively developed for such purposes. The conference will elucidate the basic physics and chemistry of such processes. It will also highlight the microscopy and characterisation of complex surface and interface structures, and will discuss the utilisation of novel materials and structures in nanotechnology.
The objectives of the meeting can be summarised as follows: To bring together experimentalists, theorists and simulation practitioners from atomic-collision and solid-state physics communities. To bring together eminent scientists and industrial researchers. To provide access to young researchers to frontline problems and industrial challenges. To provide an overview of the present status and outstanding problems. To initiate new collaborations and enrich existing ones.

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This event takes place in San Sebastian


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