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Joint European Magnetic Symposia


The Joint European Magnetic Symposia, JEMS'01 will gather in a unique meeting the EMMA and MRM conferences which are the most important magnetism conferences organised in Europe. JEMS'01 will also be supported by the EMSA scientific committee. For the last 10-15 years, Magnetism has witnessed an extremely fast development and dramatic transformation. These concerned both fundamental aspects and applications.

On an experimental ground, this was made possible by three main elements:
i) the development of methods allowing high quality materials to be prepared;
ii) the development of new experimental tools for magnetic studies;
iii) the continuous progress in computing possibilities.

On topical aspect, the shift from bulk to low dimensional systems turned out to be extremely fruitful. Original properties were discovered leading to the development of new concepts. The economic impact of Magnetism concerns three domains of high importance, i.e. energy, telecommunications and information. With the discovery of functional materials with improved properties, new fields of application were opened. The most spectacular of these are ultra-sensitive sensors, in particular reading heads, exploiting the phenomenon of giant magnetoresistanc. Further improvement in materials properties will allow the efficiency of established systems to be improved and open new applications; in particular MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memories) could in the future replace to-day solid-state volatile memories. JEMS'01 will gather scientists and engineers from both the public and industrial sectors, particularly from within Europe. Approximately 800 people are expected to attend JEMS'01. Presentations will cover all aspects of magnetism studied today.

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