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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-24

XXX Meeting of the Euro Working Group for Financial Modelling


The technological facilities that have changed our way of life in the last decade as the widespread use of internet as an information tool for neraly everybody requires an updating and implementation of more adequate financial modelling. This new era of information overflow requires models for describing the needs and preferences by means of efficient theoretical tools and methods to match the characteristics of the goods offered by the sellers and the good asked for by the buyers. So scientists will be asked more and more to develop multicriteria decision making models that will be able to describe the preferences of buyers or investors, or bank institutions when all the data needed and more will be available.

In this context the use of reliable methodologies as well as ad hoc models to assess business failure represent one of the major aims of financial experts and applied mathematicians. European financial scientist is more and more required to share and discuss the need of updating classical optimisation models and to implement and validate new statistical and mathematical model in order to understand the continuously changing economic and financial world. The Meeting's aim is to provide a forum for European financial scientists, academics and practitioners, where a truly interdisciplinary approach is provided. The forum benefits all involved. Young researchers receive ideas and contacts with well known keynote speakers.

Well known scientists may present recent research to an audience of their peers and may get benefits from discussions. Paper presenters receive constructive feedback on their work in a wide range of topics, as well as insurance and risk management, stock market behaviour, taxation and market imperfections, pricing and bargaining in financial markets, empirical tests of financial market models and currency market applications. In most cases applications are related to European institutions and to European features of financial markets, so this will provide a chance for academics and practitioners to validate the presented researches.

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