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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-10

Purification of Waste Gases


Foreseen Results

An objective of the proposed research is the investigation on the occurrence of volatile hydrocarbons degrading microorganisms in the environment, their isolation from the natural habitats and selection of practically applicable forms.
The second very important objective is the studying of kinetic parameters of the biofilter and related processes. For these investigations it is necessary to use fundamental data of the other groups, e. g. Monod kinetics, important for the calculation of the size of the filter which could then be costed etc. and leading to a far less empirical approach.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are air pollution emissions of increasing concern.
From this point of view waste gases with BTEX, styrene or styrene derivatives are in the center of interest of the submitted proposal. The main objectives of the proposed research is to obtain more detailed information about parameters influencing the performance of biofilters, e.g. :

To achieve higher degradation parameters for xylene and toluene
To start a culture preparation for styrene degradation with a following study of biofilter performance characteristics
To identify effects of physical properties of the packing material on performance characteristics
To study biological dynamics of free and immobilized cells during VOC degradations
To test risks resulting from cells spreading into an atmosphere in the form of aerosols
To develop more flexible technologies with the possibility of a quick change of active cultures, in most cases as an immobilisate
To select also strains able to degrade other problematic volatile compounds of industrial, agricultural or stock-farming origin
To develop new and more economic immobilization variants

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