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Unification of indicator quality for asessment of impact of multidisciplinary systems


The Concerted Action revolves around three main themes :
* Rural and peri-urban farming systems to improve agricultural productivity.
* Ecosystems converted to agricultural use.
* Degraded ecosystems where attempts to convert natural ecosystems to sustainable use have been unsuccessful.
A strong socio-economic component is incorporated into the examination of each.
Researchers from different regions, countries and sectors are brought together at workshops to discuss and rationalise indicator choice and impact and sustainability assessment methodologies with regard to the above themes. They are then involved in post workshop concertation activities. Finally the Project Co-ordinator co-ordinates all outputs from the workshops and concertation activities to provide the dissemination documents.
The general objective of this Concerted Action is to bring together developing country and European groups working on renewable natural resources (RNR) programmes at national and regional level to standardize methods and indicators for assessing impact and sustainability of farming systems, ecosystems converted to agricultural use and degraded ecosystems and to spread this knowledge to appropriate national and regional agricultural research institutes, extension agents, research planners and policymakers to promote improved management of soil, water and biotic resources.

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