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The proposal addresses the development of innovative photonic nanostructured and nanocomposite media and aims to the demonstration of advanced gas sensing functionalities. By producing novel synthetic materials and investigating linear and nonlinear light-matter interaction effects and dielectric chemi-optical modifications, the action implements innovative, mainly diffractive optical (and other interferometric), interrogation concepts in free-space and waveguide geometries. Targeting to the exploitation of innovative methodologies, devices and systems are integrated, tested and evaluated. The proposal embraces a fruitful interaction between science and technology and, backed up by strong industrial involvement, it aims to the five-to-ten-year exploitation horizon.

Targeting the five-to-ten year application hotizon, the proposed research addresses the development of innovative nanostructured and nanocomposite media and respective devices of advanced gas sensing functionality. The objectives relate, first, to the production of functional nanostructured sensor media and interfaces activated upon exposure to chemical agents. Second, by investigating new linear and nonlinear light-matter interaction effects, the project aims to novel optical sensor interrogation concepts based on light diffraction and interferomety in free-space and waveguide geometries, as well as to the implementation of prototype devices and systems enabling sensing of gas chemical agents, (such as Ox, NOx, CO, SOx, NOx, CH, VOC and other pollutants), with high sensitivity, selectivity, low-cost and reliability.

NANOPHOS aims beyond the established electrochemical, conductivity or spectroscopic gas sensor concepts. It targets to alleviate deficiencies by implementing an innovative technology that can match and surpass performances of current products. It concerns media designed to react in the chemical environment and exhibit a modified linear or nonlinear optical dielectric response based on reversible inter-particle and matrix particle interactions in synthetic photonic nanocomposites. Devices and systems of advanced functionality will enable high sensitivity, selectivity and stability gas, room temperature sensing operations, together with remote interrogation, reliability and low cost. By selecting classes of important chemical agents, this effort is directed to the design and production of nanostructured media, to the development of interrogation methods based on mainly diffractive (and also other interferometric) optical schemes and to the integration and testing of advanced sensor-head devices and systems, via a well-balanced scientific and technical approach aiming to:1. Functional photonic nanocomposites via nanoparticle production and encapsulation, ultrathin, thin and multilayered media produced by chemical and physical methods. 2. Molecular Receptors-Media and Interfaces produced by chemical and physico-chemical methods, enabling selective agent adsorption and sensitization.3. Optical interrogation methods in free-space or waveguiding formats allowing detection of dielectric changes to better than 10^(-7) and respective sensing in the ppbillion region. On the basis of a decision making process, suitable candidates will be used for4. Optoelectronic Sensor Device integration emphasising on optimal sensor head, transceiver units and chemometric processing5. System Integration and Environmental testing, aiming to pre-industrial devices, signal analysis, system testing, evaluation and exploitation. NANOPHOS achievements are expected to have a world-wide impact o n relevant standards and technology, opening up new links between Nano-technologies and the Information Society and contributing to the strategic interests of the European Community.

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