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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Product identification, pilot plant design and market potential evaluation for copper indium disulphide (CuInS2) solar cells on copper tape substrates


It is proposed to undertake a substantial technologically oriented research and development effort in the field of copper indium disulphide (CuInS2) solar cells, based on the innovative approach using copper tape substrates. The emphasis is on bringing the present laboratory scale development into the pilot plant stage and in parallel to identify technically the product area's which are most suitable for the earliest production scenario, together with a market potential evaluation. The combined expertise and experience of the proposed partners will have a strong impact on this important new development. Some important features of this new development are: - large degree of freedom in product design, from large-area, high power to small area indoor, from flexible to rigid, - non-toxic, - low material costs, - ease of up scaling and - low production costs due to continuous in-line processing, atmospheric pressure processes, high throughput and low investment costs. The industrial partners work on solar cell optimisation and marketing and development strategies parallel to the project.

The three main objectives of this project are:
- To evaluate the market potential for this innovative approach, related to the special features.
- To design a pilot plant for the most likely first product. - To construct demonstration modules for the various product ranges.
After the successful introduction of this new technology by the respective industrial partner, these objectives are realistic targets.

In order to reach the goals it is proposed to perform a multidisciplinary research effort.
reaching from device-physical aspects covered by the university partner, solar cell characterization and process development by the university and the research institutes, product assembly and pilot plant design by the research institutes and the industrial partners to market and economic analysis mainly by the industrial partners. To guarantee the successful fulfilment of these efforts the project is tightly scheduled and divided into one management task (task 1 ) and five technical tasks. The solid starting point for this development is the copper indium disulphide solar cell material on copper tape substrates processed role-to-roll already available at the beginning of the project. This is the starting point to understand the juntion physics, for window layer development, for interconnection studies, for prototype fabrication and for pilot plant design. The output of all of this will serve as input for the market potential evaluation.

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