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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-30

CIS thin film solar cells on flexible substrates


The projects aims at the realization of flexible solar modules based on the CIS (CuInSe2) -technology which is the most promising in the area of thinfilm solar modules. Flexible solar cells are envisaged from two reasons: - low-cost fabrication due to lower material need and high-speed in-lineprocessing,
- the properties flexibility and light-weight will open a wide scope ofapplications which are today unaccessible with rigid solar modules(indoor and out-door, automotive and space applications).
The approach of the project is to choose appropriate flexible and low-cost substrate materials, e.g. steel or aluminum foils, adapt all the module manufacturing processes to the demands of the substrate, which means to develop alternative process sequences, to optimize deposition and treatment parameters and to introduce new encapsulation technologies.
The project also includes the use of polymer films as substrates which requires intensive modifications of the CIS deposition process since this normally requires temperatures outside the stability range of most polymers. A stable manufacturing process for reliable, high-efficency (up to 14%), high stability solar modules using the CIS technology developed by the partners in the proposal and modified for the flexible substrates will be the result of the project.
The flexible substrates will allow to realize a roll-to-roll manufacturing process with the advantage of high through-put and low costs. All process steps will be analyzed with respect to their suitability for such a type of manufacturing and a concept of a roll-to-roll manufacturing equipment will be designed.
A manufacturing cost estimate will show, whether the costs can be driven below the figures given in the APAS MUSIC-FM study (concerning high-volume fabrication of solar modules).

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