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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-27

Optimised processes for preparing healthy and added value food ingredients from lupin kernels, the european protein-rich grain legume


This project aims to optimise economically competitive processes for preparing food ingredients with optimal technological, sensory, and nutritional characteristics, from lupine kernels. It will develop protocols for preparing food items with lupine ingredients that may be well accepted by EU consumers for sensory and nutritional characteristics. It will evaluate nutritional characteristics and assess potential health benefits. It will assure tractability of lupine-based ingredients in food items and assess allergenic potential. Model foods will be sensory evaluated in collaboration with EU consumer associations. It will produce survey with statistical data on protein ingredients in EU and trends of consumers and industrialists on novel products. Finally, it will promote lupinbased ingredients and food items in Europe through involvement of consumer associations.

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