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Training research and information networks in renewable energies


The objective of this proposal is to develop the capability of developing countries to accept the transfer of photovoltaic technologies and make best use of them. A second objective is to ensure that the influence of European ideas and the use of European equipment is widespread in developing countries.
These objectives will be promoted by the development of a suite of training courses, ranging from introduction to renewable energies to "state of the art" high level courses with hands-on practical experience in the laboratories of the members of the EUREC-Agency. These will provide an alternative to the courses in the USA which successfully promote the use of US equipment. The EUREC courses will be available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Many developing countries have onlY a low level of expertise in PV and such individuals or Centres as exist have very small budgets and are isolated from the international PV community. This proposal will develop methods whereby member Centres of the EUREC-Agency can act as "adoptive parents" to such Centres and provide a means whereby information, training and teaching aids and travel funds can be channelled into the adopted Centre.


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