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From science to products


This proposal plans to develop a comprehensive report, following the example of the Green Paper on Innovation, taking into accunt the idiosyncratic characteristics of the European chemical industry.

The project has three main objectives:

a) Analyse the science and technology base and the dynamic performance of the European "system of innovation" in the chemical industrym with particular attention to its contribution to economic growth through innovation and competitiveness, and to the ability to translate its research into commercially useful products.

b) Analyse the forces that encourage the diffusion of chemical innovations on downstream user industries, across regions, and on SMEs, with particular attention to the diffusion processes (user-producer interactions and spillovers to other industries, regions and SMEs.

c) Discuss policy implications and actions, which will be based on a comprehensive study of the factors and the conditions enlisted in the previous two points.

We plan to hold four workshops to discuss work in progress and diffuse preliminary and final results, with the participation of external discussants and other interested parties (particularly industry officials and European policy makers). We also plan to produce a Final Report whose style, structure, and content will resemble the Green Paper, a set o Special Reports which will discuss more specific topics in greater detail, and a series of working papers with preliminary or final results of the study.

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