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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Methodology for establishing a database on transport supply, demand and modelling in Europe


To develop a methodology for the establishing of general European databases on passenger, goods and traffic flows. The methodology will address the establishing of the framework of the database as well as supply a procedure for estimation of those variables which are urgently missing in the database. The database will cover the EEA + Switzerland, and take into account a progressive inclusion of the CEEC/CIS countries.

A zoning system for the structuring of actual transport flows by way of spatial aggregation into major transport corridors and networks will include interregional flows within EEA + Switzerland, flows in and out of the EEA, flows connected to the CEEC/CIS, as well as important external sea links. It must also be possible to distinguish transit flows from flows between neighbouring countries.

The project will furthermore be geared to the needs for more permanent solutions to transport infrastructure information, given the insight already gained in other tasks whether already finished or still running.

The project also aims at establishing sets of methods for creating a European database on Transport Infrastructure. Also here the database will cover EEA + Switzerland, and take into account a progressive inclusion of the CEEC/CIS countries. The combination of transport flows with network data is essential to the understanding of transport. Through the project this combination will be emphasised. Thus the perspective on infrastructure is the European context, although the research will not be restricted to information about TEN, while much of the existing, relevant data aims at national needs. How to overcome this problem will be a very important result from the project.

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