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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Agricultural price policy and its impact on export and food crop production in Cameroon. A farming systems based analysis of price policies


The proposed research (in continuation of research project No. TS2-0281-C (MB) supported under STD II) intends to analyze whether higher prices for export crops, as called for by bi- and multilateral development institutions,is sufficient in the long run to encourage production of these crops.The hypothesis is that price policy measures can only succeed if they are associated with or preceded by technological and institutional improvements. The research should clarify requirements and limits of agricultural price policies in mixed farming systems. The effects of changing export crop prices are far from being clear.Export crops are being grown largely by small family farms. They are part of an integrated household-farming system with close linkages between export and food crop production through the common use of resources. Depending on the ease of substituting production factors between export and food crop production,the effect of raising export prices on both sectors will be different. other factors complicate the relationship, such as the traditional division of labor between men and women, specific ecological constraints, additional availability of land and labor, technological innovations and cropping pattern requirements. To analyze the effects of price policy measures the project will research the interdependencies between export and food crops at the farm level for different regions and crops. The proposed research will be based on modelling typical farming systems. In cooperating with the University of Dschang in Cameroon the project also tries to encourage farming systems based research in cameroon. The proposed research will, on the basis of field surveys, establish farm models typical for the main export-food crop production systems. The modelling will be based on linear programming. The three main export crop based farming systems are to be analyzed:
- cocoa-based farming systems in the South-West
- coffee-based farming systems in the West
- cotton/livestock-based farming systems in the North and Extreme North.
on this basis, the effects of changing price policies and economic conditions will be demonstrated.


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