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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Development of sustainable farming systems on mountainous, low fertility grazing land in South America


Millions of hectares of low grade pasture exists in South America on its mountainous land, formerly covered by forest.
- The soils are of low fertility with their "A horizon" already eroded. - Loss of primary forest owing to grazing and cultivation
- Large properties exist in the area but will not be included in the project - Lifestock farming systems face low productivity, erosion and emigrationproblems
- High intensity cropping/ley farming systems create problems oferosion and soil contamination; the agrochemicals contaminate water andpose health problems
- To develop economically viable, socially
acceptable and environmentally sound farming systems
- Increase supply of unpolluted agricultural produce to the urban markets - Protection of forest remnants; integration of agroforestry in the farming systems.
A holistic approach to
- Give equal importance for socio-economic and biophysical factors - Consider the past and future dynamics along with spatial components - Give importance for farmers' participation in research activities
The local partners from Brazil and Bolivia and 2 European institutions University of Karlsruhe and CSIC Barcelona) will cooperate.
Research work will be carried out in three areas where these problems are acute: two in Brazil (Mata Atlantica region) and one in Bolivia.
The main research tools will be:
- For diagnosis: Evaluation of statistics; in-house-research; analysis of soil, water and produce samples; interpretation of air photos and application of Geographic Information Systems
- For experimentation: On-farm-research on production technology and erosion.
Further activities include training; dissemination of results and publications.


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