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Mobility management for the urban environment


Mobility management develops (low cost) concepts, strategies and actions that safeguard a given transport need for individuals, institutions and companies through the efficient use of available transport facilities or through strategies for avoidance of trips, promoting a sustainable development. The strategies can include information on available public transport, arranging of new collective transport, coordination of goods transport, coordination of car pooling and communication strategies. A mobility management centre is the operational unit.

1- Presentation of a survey of mobility management concepts, mobility management strategies and mobility management tools.
2- Definition of integrated concepts for mobility management strategies and for operational mobility centres.
3- Demonstration, application and evaluation of mobility management strategies and mobility management tools in a number of mobility centres.
4- Identification of the concepts for the transfer of mobility management strategies.
5- Dissemination of the results of the project to all interested parties in Europe.

Leicester (UK), Leuven (BE), Graz (AT), M_nster (DE), Bologna (IT), Gladbeck (DE), G"teborg (SE), Potsdam (DE), Coimbra (PT), Corfu (GR), Namur (BE), Arnhem (NL)
For task 5.2/16 another contract has been awarded to the MOSAIC project. Synergetic effects between both projects will result from a joint analysis of the state-of-the-art, a common approach to the project evaluation and a common dissemination plan.

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