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Minimum environmental impact ultra-efficient cores for aircraft propulsion.


Data management plan (DMP)

Develop a detailed data management plan based on the EC template and as outlined in Section 1.2.5related to task 6.3

Plan for the dissemination and exploitation including communication activities

The plan for dissemination and exploitation including communication will be extended from the content of the proposal and will serve as working document throughout the project duration.related to task 5.1

Air traffic and fleet modelling for 2050

The deliverable summarises the results from the air traffic forecast and fleet modelling work of Task 1.1 for the time horizon 2050. In the report, future air travel demand trends are identified, described, and quantified, with a specific focus on discussing possible future demand shifts related to the COVID-19 crisis and changing environmental perceptions. By employing BHLs fleet model, the report will show – for different scenarios – how air traffic volumes, fleet compositions, and the introduction of new aircraft influence global fuel burn by commercial aviation.related to taks 1.1

MINIMAL public web site & social media

AI will develop a project website on the MINIMAL project's corporate design and provide content based on partners' input.Use of social media will be assessed and implemented if applicable related to task 5.1


Effect of Engine Design Parameters on the Climate Impact of Aircraft: A Case Study Based on Short-Medium Range Mission

Autorzy: Harjot Singh Saluja, Feijia Yin, Arvind Gangoli Rao, Volker Grewe
Opublikowane w: Aerospace 2023, 2023, ISSN 2226-4310
Wydawca: mdpi
DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10121004

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