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Multilevel Orders of Corruption in Central Asia


Workshop 2: Fieldwork and Data Collection Strategies in (Anti-) Corruption Research

Discuss preliminary results policy analysis methodology and fieldwork share and discuss results from the first phase involve external researchers and stakeholders training sessions on research methods and academic writing policy legal institutional and historical context analysis

Workshop 1 and Project Kick-off Meeting: Methodological and Ethical Issues in Studying (Anti-) Corruption in Central Asia

Detail project planning discuss task allocation present the dissemination plan deliver research ethics training and provide an overview of concepts and theoretical debates Divide fellows into respective Research Streams for organising research activities in accordance with the theoretical framework


Mahalla in Uzbekistan: An Embodiment of Muslim Values of Neighbourliness and Mutual Support

Autorzy: Rustamjon Urinboyev
Opublikowane w: Maydan, Numer 2024, 2024
Wydawca: The AbuSulayman Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University

Compass for investors: Legal guidance on foreign direct investment in Central Asian Countries

Autorzy: Dilaver Khamzaev
Opublikowane w: Research Report in Sociology of Law, Numer 2024:1, 2024, ISSN 1404-1030
Wydawca: Media Tryck - Lund University

Legal protection of climate in Turkmenistan: Assessment of the current situation and development prospects

Autorzy: Yolbars Kepbanov
Opublikowane w: Research Report in Sociology of Law, Numer 2023:4, 2023, ISSN 1404-1030
Wydawca: Media Tryck, Lund University

Law, Society, and Corruption: Exploring (Anti-) Corruption From Interdisciplinary and Multilevel Perspectives

Autorzy: Rustamjon Urinboyev and Tolibjon Mustafoev
Opublikowane w: Research Report/Coursebook in Sociology of Law, Numer 2023:1, 2023, ISSN 1404-1030
Wydawca: Media Tryck, Lund University

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