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Supporting the ERA-NET Learning Platform by creating a toolbox for the ERA-NET community

Final Report Summary - ERA-LEARN (Supporting the ERA-NET Learning Platform by creating a toolbox for the ERA-NET community)

The ERA-LEARN action supports the urgently needed learning process by generating tools that are
made available to the whole ERA-NET community. Based on a comprehensive analysis of existing
and already validated procedures ERA-LEARN provides and recommends tools that suitable for a
broad use to national and regional funding organisations.
ERA-LEARN has developed the toolbox with the final goal to identify good examples and to provide a
set of recommended procedures for joint call implementation. It also includes a tool for assessing
ERA-NET participation at the agency level as well as a concise compilation of information for the
examination of complementarities and synergies of the ERA-NET instrument with other relevant
schemes and programmes at all levels (regional, national, trans-national, international).
The toolbox is functional and available through the NETWATCH portal
( Internal feedback loops
and extensive testing have contributed to modified and improved versions. After publication, updates
including comments and requests by the user community were implemented. This quality
management will be continued also in the forthcoming years.
The co-organization of annual ERA-NET events and dedicated workshops has added to the
development and the acceptance of the toolbox, but also brought about essentially new aspects on
ERA-NETs and their current performance. These aspects were considered for the design of the
toolbox, but the outcomes were also published on the NETWATCH portal, hence contributing to the
dissemination of information and foreground of the ERA-NET instrument. Additionally, a report on
“Communication paper on “Key Learnings associated with the ERA-NET Scheme and the Way
Forward” was compiled, which will serve as a standard reference on ERA-NETs and their recent
development, and the perspectives of this instrument.
The before mentioned accomplishments of ERA-LEARN have definite impact on the ERA-NET
community. ERA-LEARN achievements rendered immediate impact on easing the participation in
ERA-NETs already, will eventually render intermediate impact at the level of agency participation in
ERA-NETs (if the scheme is preserved) and other European initiatives / programs, and most probably
will also have a long-term impact on joint programming initiatives in their broadest sense. ERA-LEARN
will be able to further elaborate its present toolbox and to flexibly develop innovative and timely
additional material according to upcoming political settings and needs by the community, since a
successor project (with an enhanced consortium) has started in spring 2011.