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Products of coated textiles


In our world today we require the ability deal fairly with global challenges. This can be achieved by opening up of research systems and a free movement of researchers and technologies to accelerate collaboration and to build up strong partnerships. These requirements are also the aim of the 2 years lasting PROCOTEX project. By building up and strengthening an international research network in smart textiles, innovative products based on the consortium´s common technology platform will be developed. Above that PROCOTEX targets on the valorization of these products. Within the consortium, which is made up by 3 partners coming from Belgium, Greece and South Africa, different surface modification technologies as well as expertise in electrospinning are available. These technologies will be spread among the partners by defining 3 different teams of researchers. Each team consists of 4 researchers, 2 being from South Africa, 2 being from the European countries. The available technologies build the basis for the development of 3 prototype products, on each one a team will focus: (1) textile fibre with transistor properties as on-off switch for textile sensors (2) sensor for nitric oxide (NO) detection (3) air filter for dedicated filtration of NOx. In order to be successful the work plan foresees a coherent set of actions within the different workpackages which is mutually transferred by research trainings, courses and workshops. Knowledge and research skills available within the consortium are complimentary and ensure the contribution of each partner to the joint development of the products.

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