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Rechargeable Telemetry-Based Electrochemical Sensors: Kidney Oxygenation and health


Translational research for human health on major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity requires modalities that can monitor an ever widening spectrum of physiological signals over extended periods of time in animal models unhindered by anaesthesia or restraint. We hypothesize that a novel generation of in vivo rechargeable, telemetry-based electrochemical sensors will facilitate continuous recording of a hitherto uncharted spectrum of signals in different tissues and thereby will hugely improve testing and validation of new drugs as well as our understanding of physiology and pathophysiology.

Elucidating the link between renal oxygenation and kidney health, will have major impact in the clinical practice, making it a very promising and timely subject. To allow such a breakthrough this proposal will start with the realisation of a telemetry-based solution for chronic measurement of oxygen in the kidney.

This inherently multidisciplinary project will partner with the University of Auckland, a leading site in biomedical engineering, for the development and testing of novel telemetry devices. In acute experiments surgical methods and hardware will be refined and tested before progressing to experiments in conscious animals. Thereafter renal oxygen will be continuously recorded in an accepted rat model of chronic kidney disease without and with therapy to confirm disturbed oxygen homeostasis and to evaluate treatment efficacy.

This fellowship will not only generate groundbreaking technology, knowledge and expertise to study kidney oxygenation, but it will also allow me to be at the forefront of a new area in physiology research. On my return to the home institute we will be able force breakthroughs within the European Research Area for mechanistic studies on hypoxia-dependent progression of kidney disease.

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