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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-16

Electromagnetic analysis of SiP


The number of advanced functionalities that can be combined into a single electronic device is directly influenced by the available electronic integration technologies. The hybrid integration of electronic components (semiconductor devices, resistors, inductors, capacitors, sensors, antennas) at the package level, in order to realize a System-in-Package, is a viable and effective technological solution. In fact, SiP technology makes use of advanced Printed-Circuit-Boards manufacturing techniques, which requ ire less development time and resourced compared to other integration technologies, as for example System-on-Chip. This has not only the advantage of reduced costs, but also gives the possibility to implement, in a very short time, various functionalities in different models, facilitating the customisation of a product, enabling specific requests to be met, and thus widening the market opportunities of a given product.
The tight degree of integration achieved in SiPs creates a highly dense, three-dimensional circuit in which semiconductor devices, passive components, sensors and antennas are interconnected through a web of thin conductors. Such a close integration level requires a careful analysis of the couplings inside SiP structure at the development stag e and this is the Research Topic of this proposal. The correct estimation of the electromagnetic effects allows enhancing the overall quality of the SiP and also provide mandatory information to the designer. The research topic is multidisciplinary in character, requiring knowledge from the fields of electronic engineering, manufacturing, electromagnetic analysis and numerical methods.
The inter-sectorial character of the project is guaranteed by the fact that the partners involved operate in distinct fields, i.e. the microelectronics industry and applied mathematics/electromagnetics. This mixture will generate knowledge, innovation, and added value for all three partners.

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