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Brenner Rail Freight Action Strategy Aimed At Achieving A Sustainable Increase Of Intermodal Transport Volume By Enhancing Quality, Efficiency, And System Technologies


The BRAVO Project has been conceived to meet the challenges set by the increasing demand on logistic systems, railways liberalisation, lack of efficiency in intermodal transport, congestions and infrastructural bottlenecks on major transport routes in Europe. The objective is to develop and demonstrate an action strategy on rail freight and intermodal rail-road services. BRAVO will lay foundations for achieving a significant and sustainable increase in intermodal volume on the Brenner corridor, but it shall also be designed as a blueprint applicable to other pan-European freight corridors.

The primary strategic aim of BRAVO, i.e. the elaboration of a Brenner Corridor Action Strategy, composes of the following scientific and technological objectives:
- Development of a coherent corridor management scheme enabling open access
- Blueprint for an interoperable rail traction scheme involving multi-current locomotives
- Development of an EDP-supported quality management system

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