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Promotion of FP6 EU calls in general and implementation of some activities focused on IPR and account issues in Slovenia

Final Report Summary - SI-NCP-EVENT (Promotion of FP6 EU calls in general and implementation of some activities focused on IPR and account issues in Slovenia)

SI-NCP-EVENT project was a Specific Support ?ction (SSA), with the following main aims:
- organisation of information events on general issues concerning Framework Programmes;
- promotion of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) calls and their contents;
- networking and enhancement of existing National contact points (NCPs) network on the basis;
- training of Slovenian researchers for better project implementation, management and implementation (with a special emphasis on Intellectual property rights (IPRs) and financial advising); and
- disseminating other important information of Framework Programmes.

The core objectives of SI-NCP-EVENT, were:
- to promote FP6 calls to all potential Slovenian participants focused on Small and medium enterprises (SMEs);
- to provide participants with information needed;
- to establish the network of offices for legal and financial advising to potential proposers: scientists, entrepreneurs, governmental experts and others.

Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MHEST) of the Republic of Slovenia, Office for International Cooperation and European Union (EU) affairs was the coordinating institution as well as the only partner in the project. MHEST had many years of experiences on providing information on framework programmes starting with Third Framework Programme (FP3). The Ministry has established the NCP system at the beginning of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), which proved to be very efficient and successful.

Already during the FP5 the ministry had started with the implementation of very intensive programme of activities for promotion of FP6 as the only promoter of FP6 in Slovenia. The ministry intensified with the programme of activities of organisation of information days, seminars, and workshops for scientists and entrepreneurs not only in the capital but also in other cities of Slovenia, special regular training for NCP network, and exchange of views with the other European networks of NCPs.

The ministry endeavoured to include in the established network all other relevant public institutions in Slovenia, in particular the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its associations, centres for promotion of SMEs, Euro Info Centres, technological parks, and production clusters. It also published a call on national level for some legal and financial professions that were willing to advice the project proposers scientists and entrepreneurs, on legal and financial issues and it provided special training for them.

During SI-NCP-EVENT the advising to the scientists and entrepreneurs were covered from this project. The legal issues problems had appeared also in the FP5, but in FP6 the problems were growing and no legal institution was prepared (trained enough) to advice proposers how to prepare the consortium agreement or explain to them the received consortium agreements from abroad and also the use of model contracts.

The expected end results of the project were:
- active and successful researchers in the FP6 projects;
- researchers that could successfully manage, administer and implement the projects and successfully obtain positive audit reports;
- SMEs took more initiative in the FP6 projects;
- more researchers participated in the FP6 as they did in FP5.

MHEST tried to organise events to help the participants to become more successful in the Framework Programmes and more alert to the issues of international cooperation within EU. It was estimated that within the SI-NCP EVENT project implementation (throughout all three periods) more than 3 000 participants from academia, research organisations, SMEs and industry had attended events in several Slovenian cities.