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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-16

Tools and technologies for the analysis and synthesis of nanostructures


Scanning proximity probes (SPP) are uniquely powerful tools for molecular analyses, and sensing: they are capable of addressing and manipulating surfaces at the atomic level and therein are keys to unlocking the full potential of Nanotechnology. Current SP P nanotools are limited to several probes with optical readout and slow processing rates, mostly at the research level. This presently constitutes a severe limitation in the manufacturing viability of this technology. Through the realisation of 2-dimension al massively parallel probe arrays with integrated piezoresistive readout and their individual and/or modular nanofunctionalisation, an avalanche of new tools and processes for a wide range of applications including sensing, electronics and the life-scienc es industries would be viable. We expect breakthroughs in a new generation of tools for molecular level characterization and manipulation methods along the following directions: - A generic Nanotool provided by a Massively Parallel Nano-Electro Mechanical System (MP NEMS) chip incorporating array of intelligent proximal probes with integrated actuator and piezoresistive readout, fully addressable, for high-speed data analysis or bottom-up product synthesis. - The modular generic NEMS-chip will be "Nanofunct ionalised" to generate a family of application specific NEMS-chip packages (AS NEMS) for integration into a range of new intelligent, cantilever based Nanotools. - Prototypes of experimental Nanotools based on the functionalised AS NEMS chips developed in TASNANO will be produced and demonstrated in selected applications and the results used to support the development of new Nanotechnology processes and products. It is the aim of TASNANO that the new modulariy functionalised nanotools with MP ASNEMS 'chips inside' should empower nanotechnologists and drive the development of nano-scale science, leading to new nanotechnology processes and their industrial exploitation.

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