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Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets


The Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission provides an important opportunity for advancement of our knowledge of growth and innovation in the European Union labour markets as well as the dynamism that creates inclusive but competitive social environments. The GEMM project relates in particular to the Migration, Prosperity and Growth Dimension of the Call on the European Growth Agenda. With over 30 researchers located in several EU member states and Norway, our consortium will approach the topic and deliver:
- An analysis of the obstacles to the successful incorporation of migrants and in particular to the attraction and retention of highly-skilled migrants;
- A thorough assessment of the migration-related drivers of growth and the optimal functioning of markets;
- An assessment of ethnic inequality in the labour market as a barrier to competitiveness and innovation in EU member states.
- A set of policy recommendations that contain concrete guidelines as to how migrants can contribute to the EU economy and society

These deliverables are realised by putting forward a scientifically innovative research agenda that combines a variety of methods and crosscutting expertise. Our consortium contains economists, sociologists, political scientists, and anthropologists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of migration and inequality research. Furthermore, our empirical approach is multi-method; we make use of survey, experimental and qualitative research methods to advance knowledge.

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