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Adult Education as a Means for Active Participatory Citizenship


Project website

Project website will be designed and prepared for external and internal comunication

Project identity

A professional graphic designer will develop EduMAP corporate identity

Policy brief 2

The policy brief will be based on the findings of WP3 and WP4

Research report 3

The report will be based on the findings of Task 4.1

Research report 2

The report will be based on the findings of WP3

Policy brief 1

The policy brief will be based on the findings of WP2

Final version of Communication and Dissemination Plan

The Communication and Dissemination plan will be sent to the Commission.

Project flyer

Project flyer will be disseminated to wider audience

Final version of the Data management Plan

The Data management Plan will be sent to the European Commission

A report on existing IDS Systems

The report will be based on the findings of Task 5.1

Progress report

The progress report will be sent to the European Commission

Communication and Dissemination Plan

The Communication and Dissemination Plan will be agreed in the beginning of the project

Research report 1

The report will be based on the findings of Task 2.1

Final conference

Final conference will be organized in Brussels

Data management plan

"The Data Management Plan seeks to ensure that data and related metadata are created, preserved and organized in a manner which ensures that data remain accessible and reliable and data protection and security are maintained over the whole data life cycle. The Data Management Plan is considered as a ""living document"" to be updated for the first review and when needed."


Tiedonkeruun traditiot ja osallistuminen vapaan sivistystyön opintoihin – Vertailtavina Suomi, Ruotsi ja Tanska

Autorzy: Paula Kuusipalo
Opublikowane w: Aikuiskasvatus, Numer 1/2018, 2018, Strona(/y) 46-54, ISSN 2490-0427
Wydawca: Kansanvalistusseura

The early school leaver count as a policy instrument in EU governance: the un/intended effects of an indicator

Autorzy: Paula Kuusipalo, Marja Alastalo
Opublikowane w: International Studies in Sociology of Education, Numer June 2019, 2019, ISSN 1747-5066
Wydawca: Triangle Journals Ltd.

Could Adult Education Become a Means of Active Participatory Citizenship for Young People in the EU?

Autorzy: Judit Tóth, Renáta Bozsó, Tatiana Kalkanova, Maja Ladić, Anita Mandarić Vukušić, Norbert Merkovity, Tamás Pongó, Tünde Székely
Opublikowane w: Pécs Journal of International and European Law, Numer 2016/II, 2016, Strona(/y) 21-37, ISSN 2064-9401
Wydawca: University of Pécs Centre for European Research and Education

Understanding vulnerability and encouraging young adults to become active citizens through education: the role of adult education professionals

Autorzy: Hanna Toiviainen, Natasha Kersh, Jaakko Hyytiä
Opublikowane w: Journal of Adult and Continuing Education, 2019, Strona(/y) 147797141982611, ISSN 1477-9714
Wydawca: Journal of Adult and Continuing Education
DOI: 10.1177/1477971419826116

Szakkollégiumok: Identitásalakítás? Közösségfejlesztés? Tehetséggondozás?

Opublikowane w: Kulturális Szemle, 2019, ISSN 2416-2329
Wydawca: NMI Művelődéi Intézet

Rethinking adult education for active participatory citizenship and the emerging role for adult educator as resistance mediator

Autorzy: George K. Zarifis
Opublikowane w: Resisting Neoliberalism in Education Local, National and Transnational Perspectives By Lyn Tett and Mary Hamilton (Eds.), 2019, Strona(/y) 231-242, ISBN 978-1447-350071
Wydawca: Policy Press

Social Media Services Ecosystem for Marginalized Youth to Access Adult Education

Autorzy: Kai Pata, Sille Paas
Opublikowane w: Learning Technology for Education Challenges - 8th International Workshop, LTEC 2019, Zamora, Spain, July 15–18, 2019, Proceedings, Numer 1011, 2019, Strona(/y) 369-380, ISBN 978-3-030-20797-7
Wydawca: Springer International Publishing
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-20798-4_32

Participation in Literacy Programmes For Adults with Low Skills in South-Eastern

Autorzy: George K. Zarifis
Opublikowane w: the Wiley Handbooks in Education, (ed.) Dolores Perin, 2019
Wydawca: Columbia University

Role and Impact of Adult Education: How to study the impact of adult education: The EduMAP example

Autorzy: Francesca Endrizzi, Beate Schmidt-Behlau
Opublikowane w: Adult Education and Development, Numer 85, 2018, annual, 2018, Strona(/y) 86-89, ISSN 0342-7633
Wydawca: DVV International

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