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Your digital source for medication awareness : “Your health is a choice, choose to know”

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - PW (Your digital source for medication awareness : “Your health is a choice, choose to know”)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2016-12-01 do 2018-05-31

What is the problem/issue being addressed?

People turn to the Internet to solve health problems. ‘Health’ and ‘medicine’ are the 2nd most searched for topics on Google. Citizens need access to a reliable online source of official health and medicine information. Governments need help making public data and services available to citizens anytime, anywhere. Healthcare providers need new tools to compete in the digital healthcare revolution. National Health expenditure in Europe can be reduced by 10% simply by providing citizens easy access to valid health data. Non-adherence to medication costs the EU €125K annually and results in 200K premature deaths.

Why is it important for society?

The healthcare market is highly fragmented and driven more by special interests and politics than by citizens’ true health needs. Current solutions fail to offer a patient-centred, integrated platform of services and official information for easy access and use. There is a market gap in the Pharmaceutical (including OTC and wellness products) and Healthcare markets for self-empowerment services where citizens can solve problems, monitor health issues, get support and improve emergency prevention without doctor intervention. There is also a need for a market aggregator to level the playing field.

What are the overall objectives?

- Create a digital healthcare solution that empowers citizens to better manage their day-to-day health such as medications and preventative care.
- Give a response to the information gap between public institutions, professionals and patients.
- Create a tool for delivering Third Party and Open Data in an innovative, user-friendly, personalised
- Being a leader in mobile pharmacy service, facilitating positive interactions between patients & healthcare providers.
- Develop a platform of useful services for healthcare providers to better manage patient care.
B2C Public Assets:
- Pharmawizard Italy App (web, iOS, Android)
- PharmaNow Italy App (e-commerce + delivery)
- PharmaHealth Italy App (Android, device integration)
- Pharmawizard Spain App (web, iOS, Android)
Database and Software Assets:
- Open Data and 3 official health databases including 19,006 drugs and 1,330,507 parapharmaceuticals sold in Italy, and 13,786 drugs sold in Spain
Ontologies and annotations of indications, contraindications, interactions and symptoms

B2B Private Assets:
- Pharmawizard White Label services for 2 large insurance companies in Italy, the largest consulting firm in the world and the largest network of doctors for home health assistance in Italy

Partnerships with AstraZeneca (Sweden), LEO Pharma (Denmark), About Pharma (Italy), Lancio/FarmaSalus (Italy), Healthware International, iHealth (France), KNOK (Portugal), BioBeat (Israel), Giomi DE (Germany)


- We contacted more than 300 pharmaceutical companies alone during the Pharmawizard project and pursued more than three follow-up meetings with at least 50 of them.
- We attended more than 50 Health and Digital Health events during the project
B2C Impact (not including White Label reach)

- 197,000 total mobile app downloads
- 53,000 active users per month
- 1 person every 3 minutes is using our services
- 1.6 million unique queries to our database for medicine details since Jan 2017
- 300,000 unique queries in our ‘Find Medicine by Symptom’ feature
- 180,000 unique queries in our ‘Medicine Interactions’ feature
- 16,000 unique users that have used our ‘Therapy Management’ feature for therapy adherence
- 507 purchase orders of medicine in the first month of PharmaNow’s launch in April 2018
B2B2C Impact: White label services offered to clients’ customer bases increasing total platform reach by 65%

By providing easy access to official health data we estimate that we have contributed to:

- Decreasing Italy’s national healthcare expenditure (€150 million in 2016) by €700K
- Decreasing family spending on medicine by 20%
- Preventing thousands of errors related to citizen health and improved preventative care
- Increasing therapy adherence which decreases EU health spending and number of premature deaths

We predict that the fragmented pharma/healthcare market is going through a transformation similar to what tourism in the 1990’s, where the emergence of an aggregator allowed bidding to happen online in real time, resulting in a more level playing field. We are in a prime position to be this first aggregator. Through the execution of the project, we have become experts in the EU healthcare market.