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A social application, which helps to generate ideas, solve problems while using the cyber-space and cyber-society

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Be-novative (A social application, which helps to generate ideas, solve problems while using the cyber-space and cyber-society)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2016-03-01 do 2016-05-31

Be-novative is the rising star among the innovation management software solutions with a new method that has resulted in more than 40 Fortune500 clients and success stories. Be-novative is a software as a service and a mobile app that unites innovation methods with gamification and crowdsourcing. We inspire the crowds to work together, share ideas and build something remarkable empowering people to use the power of their creativity.
The focus of our work done was on SMEs proposing an innovative ICT concept, that is a software as a service applying new sets of rules, values and models which ultimately disrupt existing markets. The outcome of these tasks helped us to better understand the small organizations innovation needs that will lead us to develop our product and related services further to meet SMEs’ and nonprofits’ expectations and serve this new innovation market successfully.
"We conducted 3 brainstorming sessions with the direct aim of gathering ideas on the innovation needs of SMEs. The #1 Top Idea in these brainstorming sessions with SME top level managers turned out to be the following one: „We should make the new improvement projects and ideas visible regularly for our employees and for our target custmers”. As SME top managers voted this idea to be the most impactful (9.72 / 10 points ) among the 119 ideas shared in total, this result indicates that be-novative has a high potential software solution that can answer the existing need of SMEs for showcasing their new project concepts and ideas on the be-novative software engaging both their employees and their target customers. Besides, we launched 3 brainstorming sessions at our public (community) platforms well. Two of the public brainstormings were organized as part of our partnership with OECD and aimed to attract people to share their ideas on entrepreneural ecosystems and inclusive societies while the third one was published to engage talented students with our Ambassador Program.
The results allowed us to research different communication channels, such as e-DM campaigns, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and In-person workshops to significantly improve the be-novative commercialisation strategy that targets SMEs and nonprofits.
In the meanwhile we also conducted a technological feasibility study to assess the technological development need of the envisioned software solution that provides an effective and smooth user experience for SMEs and nonprofits identifying differences from our existing large enterprise sector clients.
As a third pillar, a clear and detailed benchmarking of best practices for online sales was also created and analyzed in order to make this way of reaching our future customers the catalyst of growing our presence in Europe and worldwide.
As a conclusion of the Phase 1 action, there is a clear need to further develop our software in order to answer the extended SME and non-profit market needs. By solving these technical challenges with pioneer solutions, Be-novative can empower organizations of any size to become innovative and visionary that drives positive impact building on the suggestions and ideas of their members, employees, partners and customers. In order to fulfil the identified needs in the best possible way to wow our customers, we are in the process of preparing for inquiring further funds. Revising the possibilities, we plan to apply for one of the upcoming Phase 2 calls.