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Advanced Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems in a Microgrid Network


Final industrial design of the battery

a final industrial design for a marketable battery will be realized.

Report on battery lab tests and validation

a report including the battery validation will be realized, including a final chapter on critical issues eventually evidenced

Final Progress reports

reports the overall work and the results provided

First Multi-objective microgrid optimisation tool

different microgrid components will be optimized with regard to several constraints

Specification of the BSC controller

Detailed specification and design of the BSC controller, and the respective implementation within the reference embedded platform.

Industrial requirements the AQDS battery production.

Technical report which de- scribes main problems and functionalities to be supported by GREENERNET developments.

Report on battery standalone tests and validation

a report on the battery in-field standalone validation will be realized, including a final chapter on critical issues eventually evidenced.

Technical plans of the field test system

Report on the whole test environment plans including layout, schematics, wiring, test operation steps and expected verification procedure.

Documentation of the test operation

Report on the result of the test operation

Product Royalties Mgmt

CE certification

Optimized electrolytes

electrolytes will be optimized on performance and cost targets.

Requirement document for the BSC and a specification of the control algorithms.

This document will include the main details on the BSC development.

First Year Progress reports

reports the first year of GREENERNET activity

Design reports

Technical report which includes the obtained reference model satisfying industrial requirements detected in T1.1 and the high level architecture design based on this reference model that will be used for implementing GREENERNET solution

Uses Cases Test Report

This deliverable report the actual data from test cycles.