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Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutions


Documentation of Hardware for validation testing

User's manual on technologies to be deployed

Economic impact assessment of the solutions installed at the demo sites

Economic impact of THERMOSS at demo site evaluation

DHC-aware building retrofitting toolbox documentation

Description of the toolbox for sizing the solution to be deployed

Documentation of API specification for the coupling of external energy management algorithms or products

User's manual for coupling algorithmis with the THERMOSS simulation environment

Website description

THERMOSS website overview

Promo material description

Promotion material overview

Replication Strategy

Replication strategy for THERMOSS

Heating and Cooling technology Assessment Report

Assessment of heating and cooling state of the art technologies

Communication infrastructure description

Communication infrastructure description

Geo clustered building database documentation

European building typology database description and user's manual

District platform description and validation

Description of the THERMOSS aggregation platform

Report on Exploitation workshops

Exploitation workshop description

Validation Strategy

Validation plan on test sites

Test site description

Detailed description of test sites

Communication and Dissemination P

Communication strategy description

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District heating and cooling optimization and enhancement – Towards integration of renewables, storage and smart grid

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THERMOSS project “BUILDING AND DISTRICT Thermal Retrofit and Management Solutions”

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