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MORPHOSENSE is a young start-up located in France and founded in 2016. MORPHOSENSE’s solution measures 3D deformation and 3-axes vibrations for any civil engineering structure, in continuous and real time. Implementation of the solution on each structure is extremely convenient.

MORPHOSENSE represents the first solution for structure monitoring with a disruption based on technology (with a convenient measurement for deformations and vibrations in real time) and on service. Whereas other monitoring methods focus on measure instruments and not on data itself, MORPHOSENSE provides meaningful indicators and treated data that structure managers can exploit easily.

The civil engineering sector needs such a solution to understand the behaviour of structures through time. 3D deformation and 3-axis vibrations measurements in real time allow such an understanding. Structure managers can thus have the “health record” of any structure.
As the civil engineering structures park is ageing, it becomes critical to monitor structures that were built in the 50s to 70s. They are approaching their end-of-life. A real-time monitoring of their behaviour allows to know when reparations are needed, when costs are minimal.

More generally, as MORPHOSENSE’s solution gathers data about structure behaviour, it opens up predictive maintenance in the civil engineering sector. Structures life-length will increase.

The MORPHOSAVE project objectives are to industrialise and scale up our current prototype of measurement instrument, perform 6 pilot tests to bootstrap our market access in structures monitoring and maintenance. Our aim is to monitor several hundreds of structures by 2021 in the world.
Moreover, a final objective will be to create with these pilot tests the first ever database for structures monitoring. This would position MORPHOSENSE at the forefront of a new upcoming market for databases in civil engineering.

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