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Enabling supply chain 4.0: Iristick smart safety eyewear

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - IRISTICK (Enabling supply chain 4.0: Iristick smart safety eyewear)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2019-01-01 do 2019-09-30

Enterprise 4.0 revolves around the informed workforce. Today it is a challenge to provide around 2.5 billion desk-less workers with the right information at the right time. Technologies providing this are still in an early phase: they focus on the technology required to achieve this but tend to forget about the useability and wearability, two important factors in an area where operators are running long shifts of 8 hours and more.

Where competing smartglasses are useful to fulfill the short-term needs, they often are bulky, overheat and suffer from short battery lifetimes making them uncomfortable at best. Iristick takes on the challenge designing from the point-of-view of the operator. Additionally, by leveraging the power of existing mobile phones, Iristick manages to outperform competition while not re-inventing the wheel. Even more, with existing smartglasses it is currently not possible to provide a workable solution in some large customer domains, either because of legal requirements or company policies. Iristick’s upcoming product aims to provide a solution which can also be deployed in these areas.
During the first period of the H2020 Phase 2 project, Iristick has managed to keep all deliverables aligned to the original schedule. The core architecture of the next-gen product was designed and validated using proof-of-concept setups, an essential step towards the creation of custom hardware. Iristick’s concept where all non-essential processing tasks have been removed from the headset towards the pocket unit has been kept intact, allowing the next-gen pocket unit to interface with the original headset and vice-versa.

Additionally, middleware functionalities such as voice control, barcode scanning and a Remote Assistance app have been developed. While they are critical requirements for the next-gen product, these have been validated on the original Z1 product range to make sure tests could be conducted on real-world usecases while increasing the applicability of the Z1 at the same time. The unified accessibility layer for Android ensures an absolute minimal effort is required from app developers to test out their apps on the Iristick platform. This progress allows Iristick to advance into the next phase of development of its upcoming product.

On the business development track, strategic partnerships have been signed with multiple VARs. While these partnerships revolve around the existing Z1 product range, they allow Iristick to validate and fine-tune the specifications of the upcoming product.
In conclusion to its first H2020 Phase 2 period, Iristick has been laying a strong marketing foundation based on its current Z1 product range and has made firm steps forward towards the development of their next-gen product. This new product will connect desk-less workers of domains which currently cannot be served by existing state-of-the-art smartglasses.