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Innovative cable car for urban transport


Urban population is rising, demanding a greener and more efficient urban public transport. Indeed, traditional public transport modes – railways, subways, tramways, busses – have significant construction & exploitation costs, and high pollution & energy consumption. Despite a lower impact on urban fabric, current cableways are hindered by reduced reliability, limited safety, and high operation & maintenance cost that make unfeasible to install and operate a complete urban network.
To overcome those limitations, Dimensione ingenierie Srl (D.I.) Italian company with more than 30-years-experience team in cableway engineering & construction, is developing CableSmart, the first cableway alternative to provide a complete urban transport network: sustainable & green urban transport solution, CableSmart allows mobility and better accessibility to steeper areas, facilitating logistics, serving business and citizens. Our technology is based on smart, self-propelled and energy efficient cabins (-70% reduced energy consumption, 50% of which produced by integrated solar panels). With a capacity for 5,000 passenger/hour (10 people/cabin) and a cableway network that can reach >10km, CableSmart is the new solution for urban transport.

CableSmart offers a competitive solution with low construction (≤€10M/km) and exploitation costs (€0.3 /passenger), for a payback period ≤ 6 years. CableSmart successful launch will be by 2021: after 5 years of exploitation, we expect to sell 11 CableSmart units, boosting our revenues and gross profits to respectively €135M and €33M by the 5th year of exploitations, and creating 65 new job opportunities.

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