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An open integration platform for professional displays


Airtame is a Start-up that carried out the highest funded European crowdfunding campaign of its time and received the “Best of CES 2014” award for the “Best Start-up” in 2014. Airtame launched a unique device for streaming digital content wirelessly which consists of a HDMI dongle that plugs into the HDMI port of any TV, projector or monitor and streams content from any device (PC, laptop, table or smartphone) to the screen.
Currently, the digital transformation of organizations (enterprises, schools, hospitals and public services) is changing the way people collaborate and communicate. This transformation has been triggering new practices such as Bring Your Own Device and Internal Digital Signage. However, the digitisation of organizations has raised new challenges, namely the creation of IT environments compliant with multi-devices and multi operating systems (OS: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS).
Building on our successful HDMI dongle, we are now developing an all-in-one platform (hardware and software) to deliver advanced tools and services inside of organizations, supporting smarter collaborative work and smarter corporate communication by using “big screens”. We offer the right technology, at the right time, in the emergence of audio-visual and ICT technologies that are changing organizations. However, to become a global leading provider of screen sharing solutions, we need to overcome barriers related with the maturation and demonstration of our cloud-based platform, aiming to create customers’ awareness and confidence in adopting our technology to accelerate market uptake.
AirPlatform will be the only solution that is device/OS agnostic and can be used for both wireless presentations and smart digital signage at a very affordable price. With the successful achievement of this innovation project, we will boost our company’s growth, placing Airtame in a strong position, with expected revenues over five years exceeding €300 million.

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