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Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health Management.


SERKET is an innovative and disruptive Animal Recognition Software for Livestock able to collect data using standard security cameras, analyze the data by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm that detects behavioural pattern anomalies and automatically define the best strategy for the livestock health management.
The main benefits are: 1) Reduction of Antibiotics Usage - instead of treating all the animals with drugs and antibiotics, SERKET can early detect the ailments and focus only on the animals that need the treatment; 2) Reducing Mortality Rate - SERKET solution can lessen the livestock mortality rate from 16% to 8%, thanks to the automatic behaviour recognition system; 3) Optimize the livestock management - SERKET is capable of counting animals, of determining feed requirements and automatically adjusting liquid feeding systems.
The uniqueness and innovativeness of SERKET solution is: 1) it is the only technology in the market able to perform a real behavioural tracking and to anticipate dangerous situations for the animals; 2) it is simultaneously non-invasive (needing only standard cameras) and accurate; 3) it leads to a huge saving for farmers, thanks to the accuracy and to the support on livestock management (from a preliminary evaluation, a large pig farm owner will save 5.3 €/pig against a SERKET full-service fee of 2.2 €/pig).
SERKET intercepts the Livestock market trends, driven by the continuous growth of livestock population, the more and more stringent regulations on antibiotics over-use and the imperative need to enhance the productivity by employing efficient systems to simplify the management of large volumes of animals, which is leading to a booming growth of the Livestock Monitoring & Management Market ($4.84 Billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 17.8% from 2016 to 2021).

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