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Collaborative AI Counters Hate


Self-Diagnosis and Self-Debiasing: A Proposal for Reducing Corpus-Based Bias in NLP

Autorzy: T. Schick, S. Udupa, H Schütze
Opublikowane w: arxiv, accepted at TACL, 2021
Wydawca: Cornell University

Listening to affected communities to define extreme speech: Dataset and experiments.

Autorzy: A. Maronikolakis, A. Wisiorek, L. Nann, H. Jabbar, S. Udupa and H. Schuetze
Opublikowane w: ACL 2022 Findings, 2022
Wydawca: Arxiv

Ethical Scaling for Content Moderation: Extreme Speech and the (In)Significance of Artificial Intelligence

Autorzy: S. Udupa, A. Maronikolakis, H. Schuetze, A. Wisiorek
Opublikowane w: Shorenstein Center Discussion Papers, Harvard University, 2022
Wydawca: Shorenstein Center, Harvard Kennedy School

Artificial Intelligence, Extreme Speech and the Challenges of Online Content Moderation

Autorzy: S. Udupa, E. Hickok, A. Maronikolakis, H. Schuetze, L. Csuka, A. Wisiorek, L. Nann
Opublikowane w: AI4Dignity Policy Brief, 2021
Wydawca: LMU Munich and co-listed by the European Disinformation Observatory

Artificial Intelligence and the Cultural Problem of Online Extreme Speech

Autorzy: S. Udupa
Opublikowane w: Social Science Research Council Items, 2020
Wydawca: Social Science Research Council

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